Pullmann / with Adrian Buschmann

More than ever, artists nowadays are nomads. In times of affordable travel possibilities, permanent communication and connections built between artists from all over the world and from all different cultural backgrounds, finding a common ground and a common space to work together is more important than ever. Adrian Buschmann and Hanna Putz’s work is not just intertwined through the city of Vienna, Hannas birthplace and Adrians workplace as a former student and assistant of Daniel Richter at the Academy of Fine Arts, but through a friendship first and foremost. In January 2015 they started working on a series of works together, that was to take place in different Hotels all over the world, they would stay in one hotel room together for around 2 days,would experience the country, city and the hotel and after a certain time spent, Buschamnn was to paint a painting ‚for‘ the room relating to the room and hotel. When this was done, Putz would place the painting in a certain location of the room and take a photograph of it, merging the painting together with the space. Within the photograph the interiordesign of the hotel room is reflected in the paintings of Buschmann, which seems to ask ; is it art as decoration or decoration as art? However the actual art work is not the painting but the photograph of the painting. The first Hotel of their choice was the „Pullmann“ Hotel in Paris where they spent two days and one night and created the first part of their collaboration titled ‚Pullmann 14.01‘, 2015 and ‚Pullmann 15.01‘ , 2015. When the artists are long gone what they leave behind in the room is the painting. The result is conceptual symbiosis between painting and photography, that shows parallels to works of Martin Kippenberger, who made hundreds of drawings on hotel stationery, a body of work that comes across as a kind of travel diary or Marc Camille Chaimowicz who made works on ‚Interiors‘. The two artists manage to create an intelligent, but non the less humorous and poetic piece reflecting on the idea of ‚hotel-art’ and exhibition catalogue photography of painting, but also on the state of painting nowadays, often looked at and bought through a screen rather than experienced in a gallery space or a museum.

Participating artists  Adrian Buschmann, Michael Fanta, Hanna Putz, Rosa Rendl, Alex Ruthner, Lilli Thießen, Cathrin Ulikowski, Marcin Zarzeka.



‚Pullmann 14.01‘, 2015
‚Pullmann 15.01‘ , 2015
Exhibition View ‘TIME TO FILL UP THE GLASS. Buschmann,Fanta,Putz,Rendl,Ruthner,Thießen,Ulikowski, Zarzeka‘ – Galerie Crone, Berlin.‚Pullmann 14.01‘, 2015 & ‚Pullmann 15.01‘ , 2015 Poster Glossy 42 cm x 59,4 cm Edition: 100.