Untitled 2011-13

Hanna Putz is young. Her growing up mirrors the Internet‘s rise to maturity. Her generation is the first to be ‘on show’, always caught in the gaze of someone‘s camera. It performs and shares its lives through photography, in and for the moment, rather than using the medium as one of remembrance of times past. Putz‘s work reflects on the notion of ‘posing’ , the need to perform in the age of a complete overflow of information, images and social networking, but also the importance, and sometimes impossibility, of privacy. But how does a young photographer mark her place in this haze of images? Putz has chosen to find a way to squeeze them of their banality in order to reach an audience that will look rather than browse, consider rather than ‘like’, treasure rather than forget. In finding her own visual language, she has turned to two of the most ancient elements in art: careful composition and the Madonna figure. By photographing women with their small children, she makes images that are striking not for who the mothers are, but for how their geometrical boldness and fluidity creates intimacy and closeness. It may seem contradictory, but the more stylized the image, the more authentic it can become.

Susan Bright TAR Magazine, 2013

Exhibition view 'Home Truths' at the Photographers Gallery London , 2013. Exhibiting artists Leigh Ledare, Janine Antoni, Hanna Putz, Elinor Carucci, Elina Brotherus, Ana casa Broda, Fred Hüning, Katie Murray. Photographers Gallery, 2013.'Untitled 2011-2013' has been exhibited at the Photographers Gallery (UK), MOCP Museum of Contemporary Photography Chicago (US) & LENTOS Museum (AT).