M. V.

In the exhibition ‘Let’s mingle’ works of eleven young artists, all of who studied or are based in Vienna, are divided into three categories: painting, sculpture and photography. Today’s young artists view the place they live and work very differently from just a few decades ago. They no longer expect the city or the country where they are based to have an impact on their artistic practice. We can observe that in the last decade the art world has extended dramatically and has become more and more decentralised and multilayered. The general notion emerged that each individual plays a strong role in creating his or her own artistic locus and reality. Therefore one cannot hope to find uniformity based on geography. The artists presented in this show, although connected geographically, each have their own social and creative network; their unique sphere of international influences and affinities. All the artists presented in ‘Let’s mingle’ mingle and influence each other, forming an involuntary communality that represents genuine interpersonal connections. They are not united by a common impact of the place where they live and work, but by a mutual respect and interest in each other’s work. The exhibition shows a constellation of relations and overlapings, frictions and differences rather than a common theme or generational overview. The exhibition refrains to judge, unify, or present a priori views in favour of a genuinely pluralistic presentation.       Text by Martin Guttmann, 2014.

Participating artists Anna-Sophie Berger, Adrian Buschmann, Flora Hauser, Michi Lukas, Thea Moeller, Josip Novosel, Hanna Putz, Rosa Rendl, Chris Rosa, Alex Ruthner, Lilli Thiessen.

Untitled (M.V. 00) , 2014
Untitled (M.V. 03) , 2014
Untitled (M.V. 07 ) , 2014
Untitled ( M.V. 07) , 2014 / Color Pigment Print 150cm x 210cm Edition: 3 + 2.A.P.