And there’s nothing you can do. / with Alexander McGee

Soundproof cube. Timber, acoustic foam, chair, plexiglass, fabric, 20 min. commission of ‘PROJEKTIL’ lecture and workshop series at the BAUHAUS University Weimar, Germany. Concept by Hanna Putz, design and architecture by Alexander McGee / Studio Urbain + McGee. PROJEKTIL is an international lecture and workshop series of the Bauhaus­ University Weimar. Initiated by students in 2007, its original intent was to compensate the missing professorship of graphic design. In 2013, the overall theme was »content«  it’s development, transportation and translation. Workshop and lectures by Manuel Bürger,Tobias Wenig, Sophie von Olfers, Oliviero Toscani and Hanna Putz.

Details upon request.

Photo by Christian Rothe